seasoned beef metballs, parsley tahini, cherry tomatoes and little gem salad, wrapped in lafa bread

from 18.8. to 30.9.2020


roasted goose, traditional Slovak cheese, pumpkin chutney, mullberry dressing & baby spinach

from 29.11.2019 to 15.1.2020

Portugese Assado

Letaio Assado suckling pig, orange slices, Italian parsley, white pepper and beet greens in toasted Madeira bread

from 20.08. to 15.10.2019

Salsiccia & truffle

italian salsiccia sausage, potatoes, pecorino, baby spinach and truffle mayonnaise

from 30.05.2019 to 1.07.2019 

Single Malt Steak

06.12.2018 - 31.01.2019

Entrecôte steak

Beef Entrecôte steak, egg omelette, Tartar sauce, bacon and spring onion in grilled bread

from 14.08. to 30.09.2018

Carpaccio Veneziano

Beef Carpaccio, Roasted champions, wild garlic dressing, BABY SPINACH, baked with pecorino cheese

from 22.05. to 03.07.2018


Vegetable-marinated venison shoulder, pickled red radishes, sea buckthorn, and lettuce in a crispy rustic baguette

from 20.02. to 3.04.2018

Black Angus

Rustic baguette, Angus beef cheeks, honey mustard dressing, horseradish apple dressing, cheddar, lettuce salad

 from 28.11.2017 to 7.2.2018

Sepia burger

Sepia burger with wasabi mayonnaise, bacon, baby spinach and tomatoes

from 16.5. to  30.10.2017


Focaccia Vitello Tirolese

Slices of veal meat with demi glace sauce, Tyrolean ham, parmesan dressing and baby spinach in puffy italian pastry

from 14.2. to 28.3.2017

Pastrami Bourgeois

Grilled Frensch bread, beef pastrami, truffle mayonnaise, wine red onion, arugula, butter

from 2.12.2016 to 15.1.2017

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