You can check the balance of your loyalty card here.


Become the owner of the BAGETERIE BOULEVARD loyalty card! The rules are simple. Buy baguettes and you will get every fifth for only half its price. So what do you think?

Ask for a card at any establishment and activate it using the form below. You can immediately start using the loyalty card at any Bageterie Boulevard restaurant.

Keep your card in your pocket at all times!

Get your BB loyalty card to your mobile phone.


Upload your BB loyalty card to the new BON mobile app. It's easy and done in a moment. Find the Bageterie Boulevard in the app, add your loyalty card number and save. Done! From now on you can leave the plastic card at home;). More about the application here.


Find Bageterie Boulevard on Stocard, enter your BB loyalty card number and collect points for baguettes every time you visit.More about the app here.   


Do you already have your loyalty card stored in the Stocard application? Great! Now you can share it with Apple Wallet. All you have to do is click on the saved card and select the Share card option at the bottom. A menu will appear where you can click Add to Apple Wallet. Then just confirm the addition with the Add button in the upper right corner of the screen. Here and your card is in the virtual wallet :).

Activation form

By filling out the contact form, the franchise form, or by registering in the loyalty program, you provide the operator of the spol. Crocodille CR, spol. s. r. o., IČO: 43001343, with its registered office at Poděbradská 55/88, 198 00 Prague 9 (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator” or the “Personal Data Administrator”), the possibility to use your personal data. More about the rules of personal data protection here.

Praha 1 - BB Koruna

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Praha 1

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Pondělí - Sobota
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M: 732 341 445