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The Manifesto

What do you get when you combine a crispy baguette with a chef? A crispy chef? No. A culinary experience available to anyone who wants to bring out the foodie in themselves. And a quick way to discover the diverse riches of European gastronomy. We tried it.

We gave the top European chefs free rein and a baguette in their hands. And they filled it with the best of the old continent's regional cuisines. They clearly proved that fast food doesn't have to be a compromise at all. That's not the only reason why we always say the chef is right.

Fast food for demanding

In today's fast-paced world, we offer an exceptional taste experience that you won't have to wait long to enjoy with all your senses.

We are exprès gourmet. A concept of modern restaurants with a stylish atmosphere that spoil the customer with gourmet specialties created according to the chefs' recipes. We prepare them with fresh regional ingredients, in fresh crispy baguettes and other variants of fluffy pastries.

In addition to the famous freshly filled baguettes, the Bageterie Boulevard brand is also associated with golden baked potatoes Patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade ice tea, yoghurt, freshe or a rich breakfast menu.

We regularly renew our seasonal Chef menu, which is always inspired by the cuisine of a selected European or world region, so you can taste new specialties in every season, including those from the Balanced Calories line, if you are watching your slim line.

Stop by one of Bageterie Boulevard's restaurants for carefully and quickly served gourmet delicacies in a light French style.

We look forward to seeing you.


The history of Bageteria Boulevard is linked to the emergence of the tabloid as a newspaper genre. Don't believe it? Then watch.

Paris 1940

According to legend, it all started during the Nazi occupation of Paris, when the city was completely banned from publishing newspapers and all newspaper offices were closed. For most journalists, this meant losing their jobs and having to find a new livelihood. Pierre Miette and Francoise Beurre, who until then had worked in the small editorial office of the "JOURNAL D᾿HIER", took jobs in a nearby bakery. It had always been called Boulangerie Boulevard, because of its location on the corner of two wide streets.

Briefly written, printed by hand

And so, while they sold in the shop during the day, they wrote and printed what they had picked up from customers behind the counter during the night. They constructed a primitive printing press consisting of an ink tray and individual words. They made these out of used candy molds. They had to use a very limited number of them, but it was enough to write short articles, second-hand information and small anecdotes. People liked their simple style and the baguette wrappers became the only uncensored source of information for the local people.

Idea from the front (for baguettes)

However, the journalists did not deny their original profession. They listened with interest to what the customers were talking about in the queue for fresh pastries. It was various stories about the latest happenings in the city. Pierre and Francois thought that they could print the intercepted news on the paper they were wrapping the pastries in.

The first post-war boulevard

After the war, Pierre and Francoise opened their own editorial office and on 1 January 1946 the first issue of their one-page magazine was published. It was considered the first representative of the new genre because of its unique focus on local affairs, and because of its unusual format, the excessive size of the headlines and the very limited number of words used. It is no coincidence that it was named after the bakery where it all began. And so the first tabloid was born...

Chef menu: Ideas from master chefs

We are really proud of our seasonal menu. They are prepared for us by chefs who have made a name for themselves in the industry, and you can taste their recipes in the most prestigious restaurants. In the past, they were Roman Dolejš, David Šašek, Titus Eliáš, Pavel Sapík, Kamu, Lubo Mikuš, Mirek Kalina, Martin Kotrus and others. You can see them all below.

We change the Chef's menu once a quarter and it is always prepared according to the latest gastronomic trends, thematically and with original seasonal ingredients.

Aktuální Chef menu - SARDINIAN CHEF MENU


Quality and originality

We're not fast food. We are exprès gourmet! This means that we prepare food quickly, but we do not compromise on the quality and taste of our specialties. We use seasonal and local ingredients that our team carefully selects and evaluates. However, in BB baguettes you will also find original ingredients that are more typical of more upscale restaurants.


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