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Bageterie Boulevard is a trendy, dynamically developing concept of fast food restaurants with French charm. We are true specialists when it comes to crispy baguettes filled with unique and, most importantly, high quality fillings,  always baked on the spot and prepared fresh to order.

Look forward to a special seasonal menu as well, created for BB by the most renowned chefs and new edition comes out every three months. Apart from baguettes, we also offer genuine soups, sophisticated desserts, pastries, yoghurts, fresh vegetable and fruit salads or a special rich breakfast menu. Wash the fabulous meal down with our home-made ice tea, fruit smoothie or a hot ginger tea with mint, chocolate with chilli or spiced pear.

Bageterie Boulevard is a restaurant designed for busy urban people who will not accept compromises, despite being in a hurry. For people who want to enjoy a well-balanced, good and healthy product in an inspiring environment.

We are holders of the prestigious Superbrands award for the year 2014.



Chef menu already prepared:


All ingredients are carefully picked and tested by our experienced buyers in cooperation with chefs and the whole BB team. We look for the best food products on the market for you. You can find unique and original ingredients in our baguettes, which is very much unlike other fast food.

Although the genuine ingredients we use are outstanding and full of flavor, each filling needs only three to six elements to fully satisfy your taste buds. To ensure our baguettes are always fresh and crispy, we bake them on the spot and add the filling in front of you as you order. We also do our best to use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, especially in the Chef Menu created for us by the best chefs.



Expansion & franchise manager


Crocodille ČR, spol. s.r.o.
Poděbradská 55/88
198 00 Praha 9

Reception number: 283 061 711
Reception fax: 283 061 723

Praha 1 - BB Koruna

Václavské náměstí 1
Na Příkopě 2
Praha 1

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Pondělí - Sobota
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M: 732 341 445
E: bb_pha_koruna@boulevard.cz