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Fabrice Martinerie

Fabrice Martinerie

From a small town cook to chef at Google, and all the way to the royal family. Chef Fabrice Martinerie has loved cooking since he was a boy. Gradually taking his art to new heights also made him privy to the appetites of the rich and famous.

From the onset, Fabrice would love to help his parents in the kitchen. Later he would try his hand working in various restaurant kitchens – and not just in the small medieval village of Éze, but also in Monaco or Paris. His cardinal achievement – in Fabrice's own words – has to be his collaboration with Michelin chefs Jean Marc Delacourt and Alain Ducasse. In his biography he boasts not only preparing dishes for the Belgian royal court; numerous celebrities like Roger Moore, or David Hallyday, had a taste of his culinary creations as well.

„From the onset, Fabrice would love to help his parents in the kitchen.“

Autumnal Belgian delicacies

When you hear 'Belgian cuisine', many will probably think of waffles, speculoos cookies, and chocolate pralines. But apart from these typical delights we can't forget about the countless mince meat dishes, shrimp, soups, cheeses, and, of course, beer. Fabrice took many of these and projected them into his Belgian Chef Menu.


Pulled turkey, brugge old cheese, walnuts, lamb‘s lettuce, and chicory-mustard dressing


Traditional roast of minced veal and pork with herbs, pickled pumpkin julienne, caramelized onion with thyme, gouda, dressing, and arugula.

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