Loyalty program

And perhaps something more… ?

 Yes, you can get a little additional extra something besides  good food and a pleasant atmosphere.

When purchasing tickets at our partner cinemas and theaters you can receive with your purchase BB vouchers  for "FREE ICE TEA WITH YOUR BAGUETTE" that may be applied in all of our restaurants. Holders of Bageterie Boulevard loyalty cards will receive discounts from our partner cinemas and theaters.

After presenting your Bageterie Boulevard LOYALTY CARD to our partner cinemas and theaters you will receive the following benefits:

  • Kino Lucerna - 20% discount on your purchased tickets to the Lucerna Cinema
  • Řeznická Theatre – CZK 70,00 off each ticket purchased and a program of the show you are attending at the Řeznická Theatre


Praha 1 - BB Koruna

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Praha 1

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M: 732 341 445
E: bb_pha_koruna@boulevard.cz