Our main guiding principle is interest in prosperity and development of a franchisee and so we are aiming to set the franchise cooperation to strengthen the BB brand together. 


  1. We treat your money as if it were our investment.
  2. Purchase prices are transparent.



BAGETERIE BOULEVARD (BB) is an exprès gourmet concept for design restaurants  of fast food with the offer of fresh and baked baguettes prepared to order. These baguettes are the main line  of the brand. BB is an opposite of American  fastfood chains and comes out of the European basis of gastronomy with  reference primarily to France.   

BB is today the symbol of a modern, European lifestyle with emphasis placed on quality, freshness and authenticity of ingredients.  In addition to our standard basic menu, our customers are introduced European tastes through the gourmet Chef menu, Fit Calories and Specialité du Chef.   

It has an unmistakable design and style of communication typical of humorous fictitious newspaper cuttings used in decoration of restaurants, on product packaging or in satirical articles on table paper mats.  

BB is sought out by discerning customers not satisfied with the offer of traditional fastfood chains and looking for a better quality variant of  eating.

We are a Czech family brand with long tradition and strong background of Crocodille – a company under the management of one single owner – Mr  Petr Cichoň who has been successful in this business line for more than 26 years.


Why us?

  • ​We treat your finance as we do our own investment.
  • We have our own, unique style.
  • We offer a wide choice of products that people like to eat.
  • We place  emphasis on development and quality.
  • We are a strong European brand.
  • We are a family company.
  • If you don´t make money, you don´t pay the franchise fee.

What we offer?

  • Work you will enjoy doing.
  • Long-term income and return on your investment.
  • Personal development and self-fulfilment.
  • Building your own team.
  • Involvement in the brand development.
  • Possibility of a family business.
  • Transparency of purchase prices. .

What do we need from you?

  • Willingness to participate  in the daily running of your restaurant.
  • Completing the training*.
  • Experience with management of employees.
  • Interest in your own growth.
  • A minimum of 100.000 EUR of your own funds.
  • Ideally, also some prior experience with gastro operation.
*The training or adaptation has to be completed by all franchisees or employees  involved in the operation of the BB concept without any exception. The time of training depends on the type of the position taken.



The main job description of the franchisor (i.e., us) is to provide know-how of the brand to the franchisee (i.e., you)  and  continuously update it.  For this you will pay a franchise fee and a fee for administration of the concept.  However, we also want to help you in other areas.

Before opening:

  • Finding  the right locality
  • Architectural study and project for the restaurant
  • Construction  and  fixtures and fittings of the restaurant  -  turnkey
  • Recruitment and training of all staff members including you, where  we will make you familiar with the particular processes  of BB (operation, quality,  marketing, finance, human resources, control and inspection of the restaurant, loyalty system, software, etc.)
  • Financing of the restaurant including the recommended banking institute (Also possible to do it your own way.)

Once the restaurant is opened:

  • Ensuring  delivery of ingredients, packages and other materials  (especially, marketing ones) including technology and logistics
  • Support of the area manager
  • Setting the marketing strategy and help with local marketing
  • Control  systems of the restaurant
  • Complete software equipment – cashier system,  storerooms, orders, human resources officer
  • Assessment of your performance and finding an optimal solution
  • Development and compliance with the brand standards



  1. Please, take your first step, i.e., complete the contact form below. You will hear from us within 14 days and  we will make a face-to-face appointment.
  2. The next step is our face-to-face meeting to tell you all details and information you need to know about  taking on a BB franchise.  Based on your financial possibilities and preferred locality we will select the optimum type of restaurant. Either an existing restaurant or the construction of a new one.
  3. You will be offered a chance to spend a day in the operation and  meet our franchisees face-to-face.
  4. If you meet the basic conditions for cooperation with our franchise concept, you will go for an interview with the company owner – Mr. Petr Cichoň. 
  5. The selected restaurant is confirmed. 
  6. The Agreement on the Future Contract is closed; the content of  this contract will be the selected restaurant, purchase price and its payment, description of adaptation and expected date of handing it over.
  7. Payment of the deposit for the purchase price and payment of the initial fee.
  8. After that, you start on the adaptation process. 
  9. Once the proper adaptation including all  compulsory exams will have been completed, the restaurant  is handed over and our franchise cooperation begins.



BB is typical of the variability of types of restaurants. For our purposes, we divide them into three main lines:

1. High street store
2. Foodcourt
3. Drive

We place emphasis on a pleasant setting and quality seating with stylish music.  The franchisee can select which type of restaurant they are interested in.

High street store

  • Size: a minimum of  100 m2
  • Placing and style: in a very frequented place, ground floor (possibly also on the floor), ideally, a corner place, large shop windows, a wider entrance, the ground plan should not be too complicated, in a town with the population    50,000+
  • Footfall:  around the restaurant a minimum of  8 – 10,000 people daily. Sufficient capacity of the media – water, electricity, sewage system, possibility of  air-conditioning


Food court

  • Size:  a minimum of 50 m2  (according to the specification of the centre) + storerooms                                                                                     
  • Placing and style: a standardized unit located at the shopping centre in its food court or corner of the facade
  • Footfall of the centre:  a minimum of 10,000  people daily
  • Sufficient capacity of the media – water, electricity, sewage system, possibility of  air-conditioning 


  • Size of the land: a minimum of 1,000 m2, a separate building from 250 m2
  • Placing and style: building (a new building, petrol station,  hotel, etc.) or a  piece of land located independently or in the context of a petrol station (could be an existing building), retail park; in a very frequented and strategic place, usually in the outskirts of towns near the main access road  (crossings, motorways, express roads ,  „exit roads“, parking of shopping centres, etc.)
  • Carfall: a minimum of 15,000 cars daily


Financing and investment

To join the BB franchise system the candidate needs to have their own financial means to put into the business. We ask for a minimum amount of 100.000 EUR. The indicative price of a restaurant is from 200.000 EUR, it is possible for the franchisee to use loan financing. For these purposes we cooperate with major bank institutions.  However, you are free to use any other option and finance the business your own way.

The investments of the franchisee are divided into two categories: Initial and Monthly fees. The initial investments are the costs of buying the licence and investing into the restaurant. The monthly fees are the ones you will have to pay to the franchisor  for your use of the BB licence or invest.



  • Initial fee: EUR 15,000
  • Deposit: 40.000 EUR
  • Investment: Purchase price
  • Training of employees
  • Initial costs + Reserve 


  • Franchise fee: 6%  of  net revenues
  • Administration of concept: 2% of  net revenues
  • Local marketing: 1% of  net revenues
  • National marketing: 1%  of  net revenues
  • Modernization fund: 2% of  net revenues


  • Rental and power supplies
  • Wages and labour costs
  • Ingredients, packaging and logistics
  • Marketing indoors and outdoors
  • IT ad Systems
  • Control mechanisms of the restaurant
  • Other operating,  overhead and financial costs


The above figures are only indicative and depend on the actual type of restaurant.



Václav Bečvář, franchisee

Bageterie Boulevard:

  • BB Zličín
  • BB OC Borská Pole a DRIVE 
  • BB OC Olympia
  • BB OC Plaza
  • BB Rondel A DRIVE 
  • BB OC Central


I had known BAGETERIE BOULEVARD restaurants before, as a customer. On my trips to Prague, I´d never miss the opportunity to pop in one or another. I could always feel the atmosphere I had fell in love with on my travels across France.

It was a real challenge for me to open the first franchise  BAGETERIE BOULEVARD restaurant and my decision was in the spirit of the quote by Sigmund Freud: „ In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the heart.“

And I do.  I trust the strength and background of the brand, its future and know-how I can use in my everyday job. However, franchising is about mutual cooperation where the roles are prior divided.

The franchisor comes up with visions and develops the brand. We, the franchisees, implement the visions and inform the franchisor about opinions and needs of our customers we happen to be in everyday contact with. And customer satisfaction is exactly our key mission that binds us together.   


I used to be a manager working for an international company with no direct experience with doing business.  Then a chance came up to become a franchisee of Bageterie Boulevard.  I liked the concept of the company and so to the great delight of my kids who love the business and with some concerns of my wife  I have become the franchisee.


I was always intrigued by having my own business. What I like about franchising is that I have a strong brand with quality know-how behind me. I took over an existing   Bageterie Boulevard and now we are trying to win new customers and keep the existing ones. The quality of service comes first. And our reward is a satisfied, regular customer.


I´d compare franchise to sport. You play a game on an exactly measured out playground.  It is big enough for you to show what you can do.  

Stanislav Novotný, franschisee

Bageterie Boulevard:

  • BB Arkády
  • BB Eden
  • BB Francouzská
  • BB Thámova



















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