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We are a Czech family-owned company with a long tradition and strong roots coming from our parent company, Crocodile a market leader in packaged sandwiches.  Under the leadership of the sole owner Mr. Petr Cichon, who has been successfully doing business in the industry for more than 30 years, we are currently running 60+ restaurants in central Europe. 

Our priority is the prosperity of our franchisees, and we achieve this by establishing a successful franchise formula that strengthens both the franchisees and the BB brand. 


  1. PARTNERSHIP, we strive to treat your finances as our own investment. 
  2. TRANSPARENCY, our purchase prices are transparent. Above and beyond that, we motivate franchisees to continuously improve them together with us. 
  3. FAIRNESS, you can apply for a franchise fee waiver if you meet the conditions. 


In today's fast-paced world, we offer an exceptional taste experience that you won't wait long to enjoy, literally.  

We are “exprès gourmet”. A concept of modern restaurants with a stylish atmosphere that spoil the customer with gourmet specialties created according to chefs' recipes. We prepare them with fresh regional ingredients, in fresh crispy baguettes and other variants of soft pastries. 

In addition to our renowned freshly filled baguettes, the Bageterie Boulevard brand is associated with golden-baked patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade ice tea, yoghurt, fresh juice or a rich breakfast menu. 

We regularly rotate our seasonal Chef's Menu, which is always inspired by the cuisine of a selected European or world region, so you can try new specialties every season, including those from the Balanced Calories line if you're watching your slim line. 

Try one of ours  Bageterie Boulevard's restaurants for carefully and quickly served gourmet delicacies with a touch of French style. 


Why us?

  • We are build on 3 fundamental pillars - PARTNERSHIP, TRANSPARENCY and FAIRNESS. 
  • We are a Czech company with a solid foundation. 
  • We have our own inimitable style. 
  • We offer a diverse selection of products that people enjoy. 
  • We continuously focus on improving our business and on the quality of our products.

What we offer?

  • Work that you will enjoy. 
  • Long-term income and value for your investment. 
  • Personal development and fulfilment. 
  • Participation in the development of the brand. 
  • The possibility of a family business. 
  • Transparency of sourcing and purchase prices. 
  • Background of a strong company  

What do we expect from you?

  • Willingness to participate in the daily running of your establishment. 
  • Completion of training*. 
  • Experience in staff management a big advantage. 
  • Minimum of 120K Euro of own funds + the possibility of a loan (per store) 
  • Experience in a gastro operations is also ideal. 
  • Focus on local marketing. 
*Training is completed by every franchisee and every person involved in the operation of the BB concept without exception. Franchisees are trained for 7 months. 



support in other key areas. 

Before the opening of the establishment:

  • Finding a suitable location 
  • Preparation of an architectural study and design of the establishment 
  • Turnkey construction and equipment of the establishment 
  • Assistance with recruitment and training of the complete staff, including you, where we will introduce you to the various BB processes (operations, quality, marketing, finance, HR, restaurant control, loyalty system, software, etc.) 
  • Recommendation of a banking institute for possible financing of your business (if you wish so) 

After the opening of the establishment:

  • Supply of raw materials, packaging, and other materials (especially marketing materials), including technology and logistics 
  • Constant support for our area managers and other departments 
  • Setting the marketing strategy and helping to manage local marketing activities 
  • Setting up control systems for the restaurant 
  • Complete software setup - POS system, warehouse, ordering, HR,... 
  • Development and adherence to brand standards 



  1. If your are intrigued by possibility of owning your own BB establishment, please fill out the contact form (below) and we will get back to you within 5 days to discuss further details. 
  2. This will be followed by a personal meeting where we will give you more detailed information about the operation of the BB franchise concept. Together we will sign a non-disclosure agreement. 
  3. We will invite you to a “trial shift” to try our concept firsthand!  
  4. Based on your financial means and preferred location, we will select the appropriate type of restaurant. Either an existing established location or the construction of a new one. 
  5. You will also be offered the opportunity to work a full day in the operation under the guidance of one/all of our store managers and possibly a personal meeting with one of our franchisees. 
  6. In case you meet the basic prerequisites for a possible cooperation, you will have an interview with the owner of the company, Mr. Petr Cichon. 
  7. If you are approved as a suitable franchise partner we will confirm the basic conditions and select a suitable location. 
  8. We will conclude a contract on the further procedure, which will contain in particular the detailed setup of the franchise cooperation, information about the specific location, the purchase price, adaptation (training) and the expected handover date. 
  9. You will then start the training process. 
  10. Once the proper training of you and your co-workers has been completed, i.e. including all mandatory tests (ending with certification), we will hand over the restaurant to you for operation. 


We emphasize a pleasant environment and quality seating with stylish music. BB is characterized by a variety of types of restaurants, which we divide into three main lines. Franchisees can choose which type of establishment they are interested in.

1. High street store
2. Foodcourt
3. Drive-through

We place emphasis on a pleasant setting and quality seating with stylish music.  The franchisee can select which type of restaurant they are interested in.

High street store

  • In busy locations near transport hubs 
  • Usually corner establishments on major boulevards 
  • Large windows 
  • Outside seating 
  • Daily foot traffic - min 10.000 people 
  • SIZE - 100-300m2 
  • EXPECTED INVESTMENT - from 250K Eur 


Food court

  • In food court in shopping centres 
  • Possibly at the entrance to the shopping centre 
  • Possibility of own lobby 
  • Also in the form of a separate kiosk 
  • Daily foot traffic – depending on locations and conditions 
  • SIZE - 70-100m2 
  • EXPECTED INVESTMENT - from 200K Eur  


  • Restaurants standing alone or within shopping centres 
  • Situated on main traffic routes (motorways, first class roads, etc.) 
  • Usually at the exit from the city centre near a petrol station 
  • Daily traffic - min 15.000 people 
  • SIZE - 1.000 - 2.000m2 


Financing and investment

In order to enter the BB franchise system, we require that the applicant has its own financial resources corresponding to a minimum of 120K Eur. We accept the franchisee to finance the necessary investments in the form of a bank loan. For this purpose, we have frame agreements with leading banking institutions, which can be used. However, it is also possible to arrange financing on your own. 

For the sake of clarity, we divide the franchisee's investments and costs mainly into three categories: the INITIAL INVESTMENTS represent the initial costs and investments, the MONTHLY FEES, which result from the Franchise Agreement and the use of the BB license, and the OPERATING COSTS, which are related to the operation of your BB establishment. 



  • Initial fee: EUR 15,000 
  • Deposit: min. 40,000 Eur 
  • Investment: Purchase price and/or construction  
  • Staff training  
  • Other start up costs  
  • Reserves for potential initial negative cashflow 


  • Franchise fee: 6% of net sales 
  • Concept management: 2% of net sales 
  • Local marketing: 1% of net sales 
  • National Marketing: 1% of net sales 
  • Modernization Fund: 2% of net sales  


  • Rent and utilities 
  • Labour and personnel costs 
  • Raw materials, packaging and logistics 
  • Marketing in and around the premises 
  • IT and Systems 
  • Site control mechanisms 
  • Other operating, overhead and financial costs 


The amounts shown here are exclusive of VAT, are indicative and depend on the type of establishment. 


Václav Bečvář, franchisee

Bageterie Boulevard:

  • BB Zličín 
  • BB OC Borská Pole and DRIVE  
  • BB OC Olympia 
  • BB OC Plaza 
  • BB Rondel and DRIVE  
  • BB OC Central 
  • BB Galerie Butovice  
  • BB Kladno 


I have known BAGETERIE BOULEVARD restaurants before, as a customer. During my trips to Prague, I did not miss the opportunity to stop in one of them. I felt the same atmosphere I fell in love with during my travels to France. 

Opening the first franchise restaurant of BAGETERIE BOULEVARD was a great challenge and my decision was in the spirit of Sigmund Freud's statement: 'In small things rely on reason, in big things trust your heart.' 

And I do. I believe in the strength and background of the brand, its future and the know-how that I use every day in my work. But franchising is about mutual cooperation, in which roles are divided in advance. 

The franchisor brings the vision and develops the brand. We, the franchisees, implement the vision and bring to the franchisor the views and needs of our customers, with whom we are in daily contact. And it is customer satisfaction that is our core mission that binds us together. 



I used to work as a manager for international companies with no direct entrepreneurial experience. Then the opportunity arose to become a Bageterie Boulevard franchisee. I liked the concept of the company, so I became a franchisee with a lot of enthusiasm from my children, who love the business, and some apprehension from my wife. 


Owning my own business has always appealed to me. What I like about franchising is that I have a big brand with quality know-how behind it. I took over an existing Bageterie Boulevard location and now we are trying to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The quality of service comes first. Our reward is a satisfied regular customer who will forgive us for even a small mistake. 


I would compare franchising to sports. You play a game on a precisely defined field. But it's big enough for you to show what you can do.  

Stanislav Novotný, franschisee

Bageterie Boulevard:

  • BB Arkády
  • BB Eden
  • BB Thámova



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