Balkan Chef menu

Stefan Stefanov

Stefan Stefanov

Chef Stefan Stefanov is a Sofia native with a passion for food and cooking. At the moment, you won't find a chef in the Czech Republic who knows Balkan cuisine better.

During his culinary life he gained experience in prestigious restaurants and hotels in Bulgaria and England and finally settled in the Czech Republic, where he has been working for 14 years as a consulting chef for large catering companies. In the kitchen of Perfect Canteen you can see him alongside the well-known pair of Czech chefs Filip Sajler and Martin Stanek.

We must not forget to mention that apart from his spectacular cooking talents, he is also a wonderful accordion player. We simply fell in love with his creative fun and sociable personality, just like the new Balkan Chef menu, and we hope you will too :-).

„Balkan Chef menu“

Kyufte and ajvar

Traditional Bulgarian meatballs, ajvar made from eggplant and roasted peppers, kashkaval cheese, dressing and salad.

Chicken souvlaki

Roasted chicken in herb-yogurt marinade, fresh Balkan cheese, tzatziki, cucumber and arugula.


Tarator soup

Small tasting portion of cold soup with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill and walnuts.





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