Danish Chef menu

Lars Sjöstrand

Danish Chef menu was put together by Lars Sjöstrand, Chef with culinary experiences from Denmark and Sweden. His career started during his basic military service, feeding the crew of an icebreaker.

Lars settled in Prague in the late 90's as the Chef of Planet Hollywood, Isabella at Hotel Bellagio or Chez Marcel. Currently, you can find him at Daniela's by Barock.  

„Danish cuisine is based on local ingredients, their accessibility determined by short summers, cool temperatures and proximity to the sea. “

Local cuisine has been defined for centuries by seafood, fish, vegetables thriving in cold weather, and red meat. The common link between the Czech and Danish cuisine is our love for pork meat.

What's that? Not two, but three baguettes to choose from this time around? First comes the Danish roastbeef with traditional Danish remoulade, capers, paprika, pickled cucumber, red onion in balsamic and arugula.

Pork polse baguette comes filled with juicy slices of slow roasted pork belly - another Danish staple. It is completed with sweet mustard dressing, red cabbage salad and flavorful caraway cheese.

Last baguette is named after the most traditional of Danish dishes – the Frikadeller. Full of traditional Danish pork-beef meatballs, grilled with blue cheese, beetroot remoulade and crispy onions.

We can't forget about the soup of the seasonal Chef menu – the Mussel Soup. Cream of mussels, corn, heavy cream and dill is topped with seared mussels.

To make your experience a little something extra, we decided to put together a Tasting menu. You can combine two Chef Menu baguettes of your choosing. What a fun way to explore the flavors of Danish cuisine!

The first of Lars Sjöstrand's Balanced Calories is Mackarel with tomatoes – Danish version of the Czech open-faced sandwich. Slice of pumpkin seed bread, mackerel in tomato sauce, crème fraîche, red radish, topped with arugula.

Second specimen is the Shrimp  tunnbröd. Flatbread rolled into a wrap, filled with shrimp salad, red caviar, peas, celery and little gem salad.

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