Festival hits

How else to return to life than a festival! Chef Zdeněk Střížek has prepared two summer hits for you ;-).
Both baguettes with spicy sauces are full of meat. One with premium beef, the other with chicken strips.

Zdeněk Střížek

Zdeněk Střížek

Both baguettes were prepared by Zdeněk Střížek - the founder of Burger Fest, a biker, a mentor of American cuisine and also the owner of the very popular restaurant "Sugar Daddy by Bejzment".

„How else to return to life than a festival!“


Philly cheese steak

Slices of marinated beef flap steak, chili chipotle mayonnaise, caramelized red onion, baked with cheddar cheese, topped with fresh arugula.

Sweet Louisiana strips

Crispy chicken strips with mayonnaise, Louisiana sweet sauce (the sauce is slightly hot), baked with blue cheese, complemented with pico de gallo salsa and little gem salad.

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