Israeli Chef Menu

Charlie Fadida

We bring you Tel Avivian chef Charlie Fadida’s Israeli Chef Menu

Culture, natural wonders and passion for great food - Israel is all that. It is also the homeland of Charlie Fadida, acclaimed chef and owner of Charlie Art Catering. Not only did Charlie cook for Bill Clinton, but twice in a row he was the captain of Israeli team in the Culinary Olympics.


„Culture, natural wonders and passion for great food - Israel is all that. It is also the homeland of Charlie Fadida“

New Chef Menu will take you to the Promised Land, where West meets Orient and traditional dishes get their enticing colors and flavors from exotic spices.

Chicken strips and harissa is the first baguette of the Israeli menu. This juicy beauty is full of roasted chicken bits coated in herb couscous. You will get a taste of tangy citrus chutney, baby spinach, yogurt with mint and harissa dressing, adding a piquant bite to the meat. Harissa is a mixed spice sauce, cherished not only in Israel but also in Morocco or Tunisia. 

Second baguette is Lamb and halloumi. Grilled halloumi cheese is spread between juicy slices of lamb roast, along with vegetable chutney and mild chilli dressing. These flavors are wrapped together with parsley oil and arugula.

Israel is one of the main suppliers of sweet potatoes not only in the Czech Republic, but the entire world. Sweet potato soup with red lentils is therefore an absolute must in this Chef Menu.Topped with sesame seeds and date syrup? Simply wonderful.

Eating well and eating healthy? Look for proof in the Balanced Calories menu. Two beloved ingredients come together in Soy & tofu burger. Every bite into the soft english muffin will also deliver bursting flavors of mint dressing, savory tomatoes and delicate lamb’s lettuce.

Chickpea Sabich wrap will satisfy even the most demanding of gourmets. It may be all-vegan but meat will be the last thing on your mind. Chickpeas, roasted eggplant and bell peppers come together in lavash bread with parsley tahini paste, mango chutney and little gem salad.


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