Portuguese Chef Menu

João Baptista

Treat yourself with olive tapenade, traditional Portuguese soup, sea food, chorizo, or delicious Azorean cheese.

Summer Portuguese Chef Menu was prepared by the Oliveira restaurant and tapas bar chef - Joao Baptista.

„Falling in love with Portugal is so easy. “

Portuguese holidays are officially on! The local way of knowing how to live your best life is not so distant from our own, after all. The grandiose Atlantic ocean brings back memories of brave maritime explorers. And then there's the food, of course - best enjoyed with friends. And if your ears are already ringing with Fado and your soul is struck with the melancholic saudade, it is time for a baguette inspired by Portuguese culinary treasures.

The Portuguese will not deny their love of soccer, however Azorean Tenderloin baguette does not reference any famous penalty kicks but pork meat, beloved just as much as soccer. Slices of pork tenderloin are toasted with Azorean cheese, chorizo sausage (called chouriço in Portuguese), onion pickled in Port wine, arugula, and refreshing mirabelle plum dressing.

Chicken with Tapenade is a baguette filled with chicken breast, dried ham, sheep milk cheese, and olive tapenade, lightly seasoned with thyme. Another fresh shade of green and loads of vitamins comes with a touch of baby spinach. “Olives, dried ham, sheep milk cheese.These three delicacies have to be included at every Portuguese feast. Locals prepare the ingredients with pride and love, and it always shows in their unique flavour.”

Traditional Caldo Verde soup is often served during Portuguese weddings, birthdays, and other celebratory events. You can have it anytime you want. Apart from a good helping of cabbage and potatoes, you'll be delighted to find it garnished with chorizo chips.

 You may have missed your chance to get ready for bikini season but you can still keep it healthy and light with the summer Fit Calories menu. Avocado bread with shrimp is love at first bite. Slices of pumpkinseed bread are full of shrimp, avocado salsa, beetroot slices, and bits of juicy nomgo... well, mango.

And finally Tuna Steak wrap hiding a delicious tuna sous-vide, lighlty seasoned with pink peppercorn, cucumber, green apple and two tzpes of dressing - lime & soy-ginger. 

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