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Cuisine from mountainous regions is, by definition, a hearty source of energy. What better time to appreciate it than winter? The Pyrenees represent a culinary paradise full of filling and mind-blowingly flavourful meals. 

Jean-Paul Manzac

The Pyrenees represent a culinary paradise full of filling and mind-blowingly flavourful meals.

Jean-Paul Manzac was born in the Pyrenean foothills, chose life in Czech two decades ago. After running a French restaurant and modern brasserie in Prague, with three consecutive years of earning the Michelin Bib, you can now see him as the Executive Chef in Corinthia Hotel Prague. With a team of 34 chefs, no less!

„I graduated from a culinary lyceum but the very basics were passed onto me from my mother. We frequented local markets and cooked from local ingredients nearly every day.“

If the cold weather has got you down, the Pepito baguette is here to lift your spirits. Bits of pork tenderloin, saffron dressing, grilled peppers, spicy chorizo, sheep milk cheese and baby spinach are the best recipe to tackle your winter blues.

Warm-up guaranteed with the Gasconian baguette. Starring slow-roasted, pulled duck legs, savoury shallot marmalade, tender Tomme Noire French cheese and vitamin-loaded, piquant arugula.

Secret tip? Our Baratzuri soup. What’s that? Creamy soup of roasted garlic with crunchy croutons, thyme oil, and a bite of espelette chilli.

Less calories doesn’t necessarily mean less flavor - proven by the  Fit Calories menu. Light and delicious, Pyrenean wrap is filled with avocado salsa, Tomme Noire cheese, tomatoes and mixed salad greens.

Two slices of pumpkin bread are hiding Goat cheese with pine nuts. Specific flavor of maturing goat cheese is perfectly balanced with unexpected flavors of ginger and red beets, crème fraîche with pine nuts and arugula.

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