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This time around, the fall Chef Menu comes from our closest neighbor and brings about a good amount of old, familiar flavors – parenica and brynza cheeses, and hearty potato pancakes. Nech sa páči!

Marcel Ihnačák

Who doesn't love Slovak cuisine? We've existed as two separate countries for quite some time but our taste buds are still connected.

This fall's Slovak Chef Menu is prepared by Marcel Ihnačák, chef of the Boutique Hotel Tanzberg restaurant. He'd worked under Jamie Oliver in London, cooked at Michelin star restaurant Pied à terre, hosted a cooking show and cooked for Sean Connery. Now he lives in Mikulov, hosts cooking classes, and for five years running is the face of a large retail chain (along with Roman Paulus).

„Slovak cuisine seems to be made for fall weather.“

Chicken & Parenica baguette is a satisfying remedy for harsh autumnal sleets. Inside you'll find roasted chicken breast, savoury parenica cheese, marinated cucumber, crushed pork rinds, pickled red onions and beet greens.

If pork is your meat of choice, you'll be delighted by the Roasted Suckling Pig baguette. Roasted suckling pig meat and sautéed cabbage and carrot take the limelight in this recipe. All flavors are enhanced by sheep's milk brynza and scallions.

Slovak brynza is also used as a base for the popular Demikát creamy soup. Apart from the delicate, salty cheese it's thickened to perfection with potatoes and topped with roasted croutons.

Typical Slovak cuisine can be easy on your figure, too (provided you choose the right ingredients, of course). Choose from our Fit Calories Menu! How about Pumpkinseed Bread with Sheep Milk Cheese? Soft cheese, gooseberry jam, crème fraîche, little gem salad and walnuts is pure deliciousness.

And finally – the lokše potato pancakes! This Slovak specialty is filled with smoked trout, marinated onions, apples, crème fraîche and little gem salad. Slovak potato pancakes with Tatranian Trout are ready for you to fall in love.

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