Tuscan chef menu

Riccardo Lucque

"When I was a kid, fridge was my favorite toy. The love for cooking keeps me alive. And even if I opened the world of new tastes later, Italian cuisine is always the first place."

The picturesque region of central Italy and the top-of-the-range cuisine will guide you through the successful restaurateur and chef Riccardo Lucque!

Tuscan cuisine uses vegetables, herbs and other ingredients of the best quality. Simple rural recipes result in tasty, light and healthy foods. Riccardo chose chicken and veal, white wine, Italian bacon, artichokes, olive bread and other ingredients to create a breathtaking summer menu.

„Take a jurney to Tuscany with Tuscan chef menu“

Familiarizing with the Tuscan Chef Menu you can start with two baguettes. In the first you will try sliced ​​chicken legs, seasoned with rosemary, white wine and intertwined with roasted tomatoes Datterino. The result of this traditional Italian recipe is the juicy and fresh baguette Chicken Potacchio, which you like to enjoy repeatedly.

The second delicious baguette is Veal with anchovies. Instead, slowly roast veal combines with a slightly spicy dressing from anchovies and confit garlic. The rich taste of meat is complemented by marinated cucumbers and pancetta.

Tuscany loves legumes. And the most delicate white Cannellini beans. In the menu, you will find beans in the form of a cream served with mussels and lemon oil with chilli. A hearty rustic soup full of ocean atmosphere will take you straight from the first bite to the Tuscan countryside.

The lightweight Fit Calories menu is full of seasonal vegetables and juicy pestilence this time. First enjoy the tortilla with herb couscous, pistachios and chilli. The delicacy of the Italian mascarpone, the fragility of the little gem salad, gives her a liveliness.

For a second snack, Riccardo Lucque chose olive oil. This is unlike the most traditional Tuscan bread, which does not even resist, full of new tastes. Between two slices of bread you can find marinated artichokes, ricotto with pesto, roasted tomatoes, honey dressing and parmesan shavings. This is the real Italian picnic!

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